2XU Products Eagan, MN | Endurance House Twin Cities

2XU (read two times you) has become the official compression partner to some of the world’s best teams, and has been the secret recovery weapon to most pro basketball and football teams.

2XU strives to be the best by:

  • Developing the latest innovations from leading fabric mills around the globe, the most advanced materials and accessories, and engaging in a constant search for new technology.
  • Constantly working with sports science institutions, experts, athletes and coaches to produce world leading products.
  • Creating new fabrics and construction from prototype yarns, with ongoing design enhancements to improve comfort and performance.
  •  To be at one with the body and thus remain comfortable during exhaustive pursuits.
  • Balancing the zones in garments, and on the body, and considering the way each garment works in unison.
  • Learning from the human form to create zonal applications by moving with the body while not restricting it.