The Fuji Story

Built into every Fuji bike is 117 years of pride and passion. Fuji’s century-old pedaling pedigree is present whether you’re climbing on a feather-weight all-carbon road racer, slipping through the wind aboard an aero tri machine, ripping single track astride a full-suspension MTB, hopping barriers with a nimble ‘cross bike or spinning the boardwalk on a stylish beach cruiser. For us it’s not just about the number of years we’ve created bicycles, it’s about what people say as a result of those years. More often than not we hear the same thing: “My first bike was a Fuji.”

Conquer Your Mountain

Fuji’s logo and “Conquer Your Mountain” tagline is a call to action for riders, retailers and all fans of Fuji. “Your Mountain” doesn’t just stand for the climb you face on your weekly ride; it’s any obstacle that stands in your way.  We seek to motivate our riders to confront and overcome their daily obstacles — whether it’s attaining fitness goals, living a greener lifestyle or, quite literally, climbing cycling’s most notorious mountain passes.

When Fuji was started in 1899, it was named after Mount Fuji, a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance. So perhaps it’s fitting that 117 years later the brand is still thriving.

The mountain may be 12,000 miles away from our current headquarters, but its spirit inspires the way we think and how we operate. At Fuji we’re always on the lookout for our “mountains,” those seemingly difficult obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of becoming the best bicycle company in the world.

For us, these are opportunities. These are our moments to shine and to come out on top: stronger, wiser, faster and more efficient. It’s on the mountains where we thrive.

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