Sam Rauchwarter

What is your hometown?

Eagan, MN! Home grown over here!


How long have you been doing triathlons?

My first race was in 2010. Chaska Triathlon. It’s safe to say I have been hooked on triathlons ever since…


What is your zodiac sign?



What is your favorite piece of training equipment?

Didn’t even take a second to think about this one. My bike(s). I have just a couple of them but love them all and ride everyone. Without a question, my bike!


If you were a t-shirt, what color would you be and why?

Tough question. I would say I would be a high-viz yellow or orange t-shirt. I am on a high-viz kick right now (bike shoes – both road and mountain, bikes, bar tape, bottle cages, need I go on?).


What is your favorite pre-race meal?

All about that brown sugar oatmeal, geek yogurt and some granola. Little bit of carbs, little bit of protein and plenty of calories for a race.


What do you do to recover from a hard workout?

Food followed by food coma. Besides that, I normally rest and put the feet up after a long day of training or a race.


What is your favorite race?

I have a lot of them…

Tri: It’s got to be Superior Man Triathlon in Duluth, MN

Gravel: Any gravel race but Filthy 50 and the Woodchipper 100 are top of that list.

Road: I really like the small town races with smaller numbers but I would have to say a race I did with our College Racing Team down in Missouri was an absolute blast.

Mountain: Anything at Cuyuna (Get there if you haven’t yet)

Fat: Ever averaged 4 mph during an hour long race and came in 3rd? Yeah, they are all fun!